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Assassin’s Creed Creator Is ‘Sorry’ for Ubisoft’s Signature Radio Towers

If you’re sick of having to climb towers to defog maps in Ubisoft games then an apology from Patrice Désilets is probably what you need to hear. The Assassin’s Creed creator, who originally introduced the concept in Ubisoft’s games, has told Destructoid that it’s all his fault.

At the Enthusiast Gaming Live Expo 2019 in Toronto, Canada, Destructoid asked Désilets if he feels stuck as “the Assassin’s Creed guy,” to which he jokingly said:

I dunno man! Honestly, I don’t know. A little bit! If you’re going to spend years on something I hope that happens. Breath of the Wild, wow! That was a game where you could do anything, once you finished the first half hour or so. Now, you’re going to just climb towers and unfog the rest of the map. Sorry, it’s my fault.

According to Destructoid, the crowd was quite amused by the apology.

On a serious note, Désilets said that he’s proud of his work on Assassin’s Creed and that he was able to set up his new studio, Panache Digital Games, partly because of the connections he’s able to make due to being “the Assassin’s Creed guy.”

That said, Désilets hasn’t touched an Assassin’s Creed game in 10 years after he fell out with Ubisoft and took the developer to court, but he has moved on since. Désilets left during the development of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood. 

Do our readers enjoy climbing towers and defogging maps or is too tedious? Share your thoughts on the mechanic with us below.

[Source: Destructoid]