Hello Games Nearly Backed Out of Revealing No Man’s Sky

Hello Games’ Sean Murray has revealed that he almost decided not to show off the first No Man’s Sky trailer at VGX Awards 2013. In an interview with IGN, he said that prior to the event, he had shown the trailer to his colleagues and it wasn’t met with a positive response. However, Geoff Keighley convinced Murray to go ahead with the original plan after he had already slotted the trailer into the show, and it ended up earning a lot of praise. 

Unfortunately, a December 2013 flood damaged Hello Games’ office and caused a lot of destruction. With some work lost, Murray considered cancelling the game. 

I think if we hadn’t announced the game–I nearly backed out of it–I think if we had backed out of it, and then had been flooded, it’s hard to know…I think we might have canned No Man’s Sky. Because we would have been feeling really unsure of it. When we were trying to back out of it, we were like, ‘What have we been doing?’

The team eventually decided to come together and push through.

I remember saying to the team, ‘Yes, this is crappy but imagine what it’s going to be like when we walk out on stage at E3 and we show the game in its fullest.’

No Man’s Sky is all set to release on June 21.

[Source: IGN via GameSpot]