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No Man’s Sky Was One of the Most Played Games in the World Across All Platforms This Week

“Never thought we’d be here,” says Sean Murray.

no mans sky

No Man’s Sky Save Bug Fixed at the Speed of Light

Saving the universe, one hotfix at a time.

no mans sky statement

No Man’s Sky’s Sean Murray Releases Community Statement

Exciting stuff is coming after NEXT.

no mans sky devs

Hello Games Devs Received Death Threats Following No Man’s Sky Launch, Reveals Sean Murray

Hello Games was in regular contact with law enforcement agencies.

no mans sky updates

No Man’s Sky to Begin Receiving Weekly Updates Following NEXT

They’ll be focusing on community challenges.

No Man’s Sky Developer Hello Games Expected 14,000 Players at Launch on PC, Saw 250,000

A new No Man’s Sky update is in development.

Sean Murray Will Be at GDC to Talk About the Math Behind No Man’s Sky

The impressive math behind the game’s procedural universe will be revealed.

Sean Murray: No Man’s Sky Twitter Account Was Hacked

“If anything was a mistake, it was using LinkedIn without 2FA.”

Geoff Keighley Opens Up About No Man’s Sky on Live Show, Says the Game is Unfinished and Repetitive

Sean Murray might appear in Keighley’s show in the future.

No Man’s Sky Is Getting “At Least One More Major Update” This Week

Find out all the changes from the four previous patches.

Hello Games Plans to Expand No Man’s Sky’s Scope Through Future Updates

Future updates will make the game “about other things.”

No Man’s Sky Could Get Paid DLC One Day, Next Update Will Make Some People “Very Happy”

The paid DLC might happen if there’s something they can’t afford to release for free.

Not Liking No Mans Sky

Developer Okay With Gamers Not Liking No Man’s Sky

Sean Murray is totes okay.

Hello Games Offers Workarounds for No Man’s Sky Issues, Hires a New QA Team

Crash fixes are coming soon in a patch.

No Man’s Sky Server Issues May Have Impacted Planned Multiplayer Meetup

There’s already been 10 million species discovered.

Hello Games: PS4 Neo Could “Fundamentally Change” the Experience in No Man’s Sky

They could have more trees or add new types of worlds.

No Man’s Sky Dev: We’re Already Working on a “Small Experiment” That’s Unannounced

More AMA details: PS4 & PC servers are separate, Sony is a great partner, and there’s no conspiracy with the PC version.

Hello Games: No Man’s Sky Won’t Have Paid DLC, “Just Patches”

Looking up solutions on Google “will destroy a lot of the charm of this game.”

Hello Games Lists What No Man’s Sky Is, and What It Isn’t

It’s not a multiplayer game, and Sean Murray expects it to be super divisive.

No Man’s Sky: Here’s the First Five Things Sean Murray Recommends Explorers Do

There’s a harsh profanity filter when naming your discoveries.