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Sean Murray ‘Secretly’ Exploring New Ideas But Prioritizing No Man’s Sky

Hello Games’ co-founder and managing director, Sean Murray, has told IGN that he’s currently exploring new ideas in his spare time but prioritizing No Man’s Sky.

“We’re actually now a little bit in that transition period where I’m secretly doing stuff in my spare time as well,” said Murray. “But No Man’s Sky is the main thing we’re doing.”

As IGN points out, No Man’s Sky itself was a side project Murray was working on under the code name Project Skyscraper while Hello Games was working on the Joe Danger series. However, the “secret stuff” Murray mentioned could be referring to content for The Last Campfire – an adorable puzzle game that the developer announced during The Game Awards 2018.

As for what’s next for No Man’s Sky after Beyond, you can expect more updates for the foreseeable future. Speaking recently to Game Informer, Murray said that there’s still a lot of content Hello Games would like to see in No Man’s Sky.

“Even though we’ve got a lot of things in Beyond, there’s also a lot of things that just didn’t make it that even now I can see we’re going to spend the next few months after release doing,” said Murray. “We’re committed to doing a season (at least) of really regular updates, community events, and things like that. Because we’ve got whole new systems to make them more social, and do global community events where we send everyone to a certain planet to go and dig up fossils or whatever.”

No Man’s Sky Beyond will release on August 14th.

[Source: IGN]