Movie Based on SEGA’s Shinobi Franchise to Enter Production

SEGA’s Shinobi franchise is next in line to get the Hollywood treatment. Deadline reports that the company has partnered with Marc Platt (Into the Woods) who will be working with Stories International Inc. to produce the movie. 

Platt and Adam Siegel will serve as producers with Stories International overseeing the project. The Tomoya Suzuki led company is also working on multiple film, TV and digital products – as announced in 2014 – based on SEGA’s IPs including Golden Axe, Altered Beast, Virtua Fighter and Crazy Taxi.

Announcing the collaboration, Platt said:

We love the Shinobi games and believe that the world of ninjas has never been properly explored onscreen. We now have the opportunity to do just that. With Shinobi, we hope to make a film that honors the essence of the games.

Platt didn’t say when the movie is expected to hit theaters. 

[Source: Deadline]