The Division Update 1.2 Will Include “Significant Improvements in How the Loot System Works”

In their latest State of the Game, Ubisoft Massive said The Division Update 1.2 is coming along nicely and is “currently going through extensive QA testing to make sure we provide the best possible experience.”

More details on Update 1.2 will arrive in the coming weeks, but Ubisoft teased on their website that they’ll “be bringing significant improvements in how the loot system works! This includes changes on quantity and quality of items received for all types of End-Game activities.”

Here’s some highlights about Update 1.2 from the recent stream:

  • High End guns and gear will drop more often.
  • There will be a reduction in High End Performance Mods.
  • A third Dark Zone bracket for players with a DZ Rank of 201 and above will be added, where loot with a Gear Score of 204 to 240 will drop.
  • NPC enemies in the new Dark Zone bracket will be level 32 – 34.
  • There will be “no nerfs in this balancing. It’s all buffing.”
  • “PvE is going to receive a lot of love.”
  • Bug fixes include One Is None, Reckless, mission doors not opening, and Base of Operations wings not unlocking.

Update 1.2, aka Conflict, will be released later this month and also adds new features to the Dark Zone and a new incursion in the Columbus Circle.

[Source: The Division, VG247]