Naughty Dog Thanks Amy Hennig for Her Work on the Uncharted Franchise

Amy Hennig’s high profile departure from Naughty Dog while Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was still in development gave birth to a lot of speculation about what transpired. At one point, Naughty Dog officially debunked rumors of Hennig being forced out, and said that the studio appreciates her contribution to the franchise and the industry in general.

With Uncharted 4 making its way to reviewers (and some folks who managed to grab the game early), players have discovered a heartfelt thank you to Hennig in the game’s credits, where the developer included the following message:

With sincere and deep gratitude to


for her contributions to the Uncharted franchise.

Although we don’t know exactly transpired mid-development, it’s still nice to see her work being recognized. 

As for Hennig’s current commitments, she’s now working on a new Star Wars project for Visceral Games.

What do our readers think of Naughty Dog honoring Hennig in Uncharted 4?