Infinium Strike Is Coming to PS4 in Q3 2016 After Players “Demanded” It

A strategy action hybrid game, Infinium Strike is coming to PlayStation 4 in Q3 2016, developer Codex Worlds announced today. The PC version, meanwhile, releases on July 14, with an Xbox One version coming later this year as well.

Set in the far future, Infinium Strike sees you playing as the weapons officer on the Freedom Strike, the battlecarrier that is humanity’s last hope against the evil Wrog, who are bent on destroying mankind. Here’s how you’ll repel the Wrog’s attack, which is coming at you from all four sides:

  • Turrets – Employ eight types of automatically firing weapons, each with its own advantages and disadvantages for particular classes of enemy ships. Building or upgrading turrets requires Infinium (a liquid metal).
  • Fleets of battleships – Send a swarm of heavily armed spaceships to attack the Wrog. Deploying battleships requires fleet points, which are accumulated over time.
  • SuperTech – The most powerful weapon in a player’s arsenal, SuperTech can do everything from increasing resources collected from destroyed Wrog to attacking every ship in a quadrant. SuperTech has a 90-second cooldown.

There’s two game modes in Infinium Strike: Campaign, which sees you playing through 10 missions as you try to defeat the Wrog; and Deep Space, which is an endless arcade mode (complete with leaderboards) where you fight waves of Wrog.

Codex Worlds CEO Dexter Chow said, “After announcing Infinium Strike would be coming to Xbox One and showing the game at PAX and GDC, PlayStation owners demanded Infinium Strike. We are thrilled to have such a passionate fan base and will continue diligently working to deliver the experience they expect.”

Were you one of the people who demanded Infinium Strike on PS4?