Scraper First Strike PlayStation 4

Fight Robot Hordes and Build Cool Things in PlayStation VR with Scraper: First Strike

Labrodex Studios is bringing us Scraper: First Strike on December 18, 2018 for the PlayStation VR, the first of five episodes. It’s a shooter with roleplaying and exploration elements that pits you against a horde of renegade AI robots trying to destroy humanity because humans suck (apparently).

Set in New Austin in the year 2076, Scraper: First Strike will have players exploring high-rise skyscraper complexes that extend beyond the clouds as Casey Maxwell, a “modified” Hover Pod Pilot.

You and the Human Resistance Force (HRF) are tasked with taking back a reactor building to restore power to a hidden military base. Doing so will drive back the Humech robots terrorizing the citizens of New Austin, at least for the time being.

Loot drops will be a key feature in the game, allowing players to both trade and upgrade their weapons and vehicles to customize their play style. Schematics and materials will allow you to craft weapons and upgrades in the game’s versatile Engineering System.

You can check out some of the upgrade features below:


At launch, SCRAPER is planning to provide numerous weapons for Episode I. These include Blasters, a Plasma Mini-Gun, Grenade Launcher, Missile Launcher, Flame Thrower and a Cryo Rifle.


By use of the utility slots on PODs, players will be able enhance their gameplay and crowd-control abilities with abilities like boost, stealth and an Electro Magnetic Pulse to disrupt surrounding enemies. Upcoming episodes will introduce more diverse abilities.


Modification chips can be attached to utility items, weapons, and equipment to enhance a specific trait, allowing for deep customization and solutions for troublesome situations.

It should be interesting to see how such a seemingly in-depth progression system will play out within an episodic title, but it has our attention nonetheless. How do you think it’ll hold up? Let us know in the comments.

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[Source: Labrodex]