Battleborn Battleplan Reveals Open Beta Milestones, Hot Fixes

Gearbox Software has rolled out the inaugural community post for Battleborn, aptly titled Battleplan #1.

In it, the developer recounts some of the shooter’s early milestones; namely, the open beta challenges that the community has now broke past by quite some distance. 

Per Gearbox:

“We knew with such high goals, we’d need to come prepared with some pretty sweet rewards. We decided the only thing that would do this challenge justice would be golden skins for Benedict, ISIC, and Shayne & Aurox. As we expected, you guys totally crushed it and made it look like a walk in the park! The final numbers were pretty impressive”

  • Over 1,100,000 5v5, 10-player Competitive Multiplayer matches completed.
  • Over 1,400,000 Story Mode episodes completed going solo or with up to a 5-player co-op team.
  • A whopping 27 BILLION Shards collected.

Further in the post, Gearbox goes on to list individual character tweaks for the likes of Galilea, Miko and ISIC. Here, you’ll find some of the general adjustments the developer has implemented: 

  • Adjusted skill-based matchmaking ranges to speed up matchmaking times.
  • Fixed a minor audio issue on the Meltdown map, Paradise.
  • Changed all Faction loot packs to unlock at level 15.
  • Reduced the Silver and Gold medal requirements for each medal in the story mission “The Archive” by 20%.
  • Doubled the health of stationary defense objectives in story mode.
  • Made performance improvements on the multiplayer maps Echelon and Coldsnap.

Battleborn is available now on PS4. For more on Gearbox’s shooter, check out our review

[Source: Gearbox]