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DOOM Has Some Pretty Cool Easter Eggs (Spoiler Alert)

id Software’s DOOM was released worldwide yesterday, and those who got their hands on a copy have been busy finding some awesome Easter Eggs, which you can find below. Do note that if you’re worried about spoilers, it’s best to X out now.

One of the best ones so far is this Terminator 2 Easter Egg, which is triggered if you kill yourself by jumping into lava. Thanks to YouTube user Grizwords, we have a video of it. 

Next, we’ve got the Skyrim Easter Egg. Just take a look at the helmet.


And, of course, DOOM wouldn’t be complete without vaults supplied by Fallout‘s Vault-tec.

doom fallout easter egg

Last but not least, this one’s been known for a while but we’ve got some screenshots now courtesy of VG247. DOOM contains hidden switches or levels that transport players back into the original game.


Pretty nifty! Which one is your favorite?

DOOM is available for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. If you’re wondering where all the reviews are, it’s because review copies weren’t sent out until release day so it’ll be some time before they go live. In the meantime, you can follow the game’s journey up to its latest release here.

[Source: Grizwords (YouTube) via Kotaku, VG247, Gamezone]