Bungie Enhancing Destiny Recruitment Forum to Help Players Find Groups

In its latest weekly update, Bungie has promised to enhance its Destiny recruitment forum and add features to the game’s companion app that’ll make it easier for players to find groups. The developer acknowledged that the forum can be pretty “chaotic” in its current state but that should all now improve. In Bungie’s own words:

You’ll be able to sort the forum to display only the invitations that suit your thirst for action. Choose your ideal adventure from a suite of dropdown menus to see who also wants to embark on that specific mission.

If you don’t find a Fireteam that suits your needs, you’ll be able to start your own Topic to rally new teammates to your side. Design the ideal experience to be shared with Guardians you’ve never met, and ensure that they’ll show up packing the gear they need to swap some tactical chatter with you.

Once the call to arms has been issued, sit back and watch your roster grow in real time. Of course, it will be up to you to make the in-game connections needed to form up in a smart looking formation in orbit over your destination. Fortunately, every user of these features will have a profile linked to an active Guardian in good standing.

Bungie has said that these features could be made available as early as this week and will update us in due course.

[Source: Bungie]