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Vita RPG Caligula Trailer Gives Preview of Preview of Battle

Vita RPG Caligula isn’t currently announced for western release, but until such a time comes (if it does come at all), we can still enjoy some trailers, eh? In this one, developer Aquria is showing us a lot of battle action.

This game offers a little preview of how your turns might play out, before you mash the confirm button. I don’t just mean like in Disgaea or FF Tactics where you see a range, hit%, and approximate damage; there’s that plus an actual animation playing out in front of you. With this, you can see how chain attacks and combos might play out differently depending on your set up. Once you choose each character’s action and confirm the turn, the characters will all start to do their thing.

So does this feature look cool or like a little bit much for a damage preview? We have a comment section below to discuss such hard-hitting topics.