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The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Trailer Explores the Region of Toussaint

CD Projekt RED has released a brand new trailer for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt‘s upcoming expansion, Blood and Wine, exploring the remote land of Toussaint. We were previously told that the region is about as big as all of the islands of Skellige combined. 

In a press release, the developer said:

Explore Toussaint, a remote land untouched by war, where you will unravel the horrifying secret behind a beast terrorizing the kingdom. With all trails leading to dead ends, only a witcher can solve the mystery and survive the evil lurking in the night. Introducing an entirely new realm to traverse, new characters and monsters, Blood and Wine is a 30+ hour adventure full of dark deeds, unexpected twists, romance and deceit.

The final expansion for The Witcher 3, Blood and Wine releases on May 31. CD Projekt RED has said that the studio will now move on to Cyberpunk 2077 and has no plans to release any more content for the game except updates.