Here’s a Gran Turismo Sport vs. Gran Turismo 6 Video Comparison

Wondering what Gran Turismo Sport looks like when compared to Gran Turismo 6? Look no further. YouTube user Squarealex [-Red-Fing-] (via Reddit) nabbed a direct feed video of Gran Turismo Sport for a side by side comparison with Gran Turismo 6, driving through the Willow Springs track in an Audi R8. Do bear in mind that Gran Turismo Sport is still in development so this footage isn’t representative of the final product.

Following its recent gameplay reveal, we learned that Gran Turismo Sport won’t have a beta in order to save the development team at Polyphony Digital about three months of time. “Most likely I don’t think it would be possible. I’m very sorry but that’s just how it turned out,” said CEO Kazunori Yamauchi. 

Gran Turismo Sport will release on November 15 in North America and November 18 in Europe with PlayStation VR support at launch.

What do our readers think of the gameplay footage that we’ve been treated to thus far?

[Source: Squarealex [-Red-Fing-] (YouTube), GT Planet (YouTube) via Reddit]