Smite Update 3.8 on PS4 Today Adds Trophies, Susano & More

Released earlier today, Smite update 3.8 on PlayStation 4 introduces Susano, God of the Summer Storm, while also adding new god skins, the ability to turn restricted camera pitch on/off, Trophies, and much more.


Featuring 41 Trophies in total, including a Platinum, here’s some of the tough Trophies you’ll find in Smite:

  • Omnitheist (Bronze) – Completed a match with a god from all Pantheons. (Versus or Ranked)
  • 20 to 1 (Silver) – Kill enemy gods more than 20 times in a single match, and only die once. (Versus or Ranked)
  • Maxed Out (Silver) – Reach Level 30.
  • Quadra Kill (Gold) – Get a quadra kill in a qualifying match. (Versus or Ranked)
  • Penta Kill (Gold) – Get a penta kill in a qualifying match. (Versus or Ranked)

According to reports, simply finish a match with 3.8 installed and all of the Trophies you’re eligible for will be unlocked.

Here’s some of the miscellaneous patch notes in the update:

  • Consumables now appear on a tree similar to the Relics tree.
  • Increased the timeout threshold of the emote spam filter from 5 emotes every 10 seconds to 10 emotes every 10 seconds: Players who spam incredibly fast will now bypass this filter on their local machine only and will continue to hear all emotes until they stop, which will then initiate the timeout period. Any players within range will only ever hear 10 emotes.

Adjusted the probability players receive skins from chests

For the following small chests all items will now have an equal chance to receive any item in the chest:

  • Above the Law
  • Pedal to the Metal
  • Summer Chest
  • Final Frontier
  • Warriors Will
  • Cutesy Chest
  • Gentleman
  • Martial Arts
  • Halloween
  • Valentines
  • New Years
  • Holiday Chest
  • Musketeer Chest
  • Yeti Chest
  • Fortune Chest
  • Independence Chest
  • Spring Holiday
  • Colossal
  • Liberty
  • International Chest
  • Spring Festival
  • Hunter’s Chest

For the following large chests we have significantly increased the chance players will receive a skin, and even more significantly increased the chance players will receive the chest exclusive skin:

  • Pandamonium
  • Rascal
  • Valiant
  • Enigma
  • Sensational
  • Deep Sea
  • Ragnarok
  • Odyssey
  • Summer Event
  • Spectacular

You can read the lengthy list of changes for Smite in 3.8 by following the link below.

It was also revealed today that Smite has reached 20 million players across all platforms, up from 14 million in January.

[Source: Smite, Exophase, Reddit, HiRezStew (Twitter)]