The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine Launch Trailer Released, FAQ Reveals How to Access the Expansion

With The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt’s Blood and Wine expansion releasing next week on May 31 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, developer CD Projekt Red has brought out the launch trailer, preparing you for Geralt’s last quest.

The description says:

For the last time become professional monster slayer Geralt of Rivia and explore Toussaint, a remote land untouched by war, where you will unravel the horrifying secret behind a beast terrorizing the kingdom. Blood and Wine is a 30+ hour adventure full of dark deeds, unexpected twists, romance and deceit.

Blood and Wine itself will be 10-15GB, depending on your platform. An update for The Witcher 3 will go live before Blood and Wine, with CD Projekt Red’s Marcin Momot saying, “Changelog for the next patch is looking great. Lots of changes & improvements. We’ll release the list as soon as we’re ready.”

In a FAQ on the CD Projekt Red forums, some key details about Blood and Wine were revealed, including how to access it and what the new level cap is:

  • After installing Blood and Wine, a new quest shows in your journal. Additionally, after installation, you’ll receive a pop-up in-game telling you how to start the expansion.
  • Blood and Wine is a stand-alone story that isn’t part of Wild Hunt.
  • There are differences if you play Blood and Wine before  or after completing the main game, but they didn’t want to spoil them.
  • The new Toussaint map is roughly as large as No Man’s Land.
  • You can travel from Toussaint to the base map as you play the expansion.
  • Choices from Hearts of Stone don’t matter in Blood and Wine.
  • The recommended normal starting level is 34 – 35, while the recommended starting level for New Game+ is at least 64.
  • The level cap in Blood and Wine will be moved up to 100.
  • There will be improved difficulty in Blood and Wine.
  • The UI changes in Blood and Wine won’t affect your existing character builds.
  • The graphical improvements to the region of Toussaint won’t extend to the other regions of the world.
  • Blood and Wine has the same languages as the base game.

Will you be playing Blood and Wine next week?

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