Upcoming Ghostbusters Video Game Won’t Feature Online Multiplayer, Dev Confirms

Activision and developer Fireforge’s upcoming Ghostbusters video game won’t feature online multiplayer.

That’s according to Producer Dino Verano, who spoke to Official PlayStation Magazine ahead of the title’s arrival in July. First up, Verano clarified that the studio’s aim is for players “to be able to be playing together and interacting with each other and we want it to be friendlier, [to suit] a wide variety of audiences.”

Adding to this, Chris Tremmel — Project Director at Fireforge — went on to distinguish Ghostbusters from other online titles in the market, claiming that, “there are a lot of online games out and a lot of PvP-style games out, but we always thought that the Ghostbusters franchise lent itself really well to allowing a group of friends to play together.”

Players can take solace in the fact that Fireforge’s licensed title will reward players for co-operative play, namely in the form of a “synergy bonus or co-op bonus for co-operating and you get a score multiplier based on that. It increases the scores for eliminating different ghosts and allows the characters to level up a bit quicker.”

Ghostbusters is pegged to arrive for PS4, Xbox One and PC on July 12. Just in time for Sony and Paul Feig’s all-female reboot landing in theaters three days later. 

[Source: OPM via JStationX]