Dev Talks PS4 Neo, Says They Aren’t Sure If Teams Will Want to Deliver 4K Gaming

In the latest issue of Edge magazine, they spoke with a senior creative at a major development studio (who wished to remain anonymous) about the rumored PlayStation 4 Neo and the potential of 4K gaming.

According to the source, 4K gaming could add time and frustration to development teams – and that’s if they want to support it:

I’m not sure many teams will either want to deliver, or able to deliver 4K. We all know what 4K did to movies – it made actors look older than we thought they were, and everything else had so much detail it simply lost all believability. I see this adding time and frustration to art pipelines all over the world.

After adding that PS4 games will potentially see “more bugs across SKUs” when the hardware revision first launches because developers will be trying to meet new expectations, the source said we won’t see massive graphical improvements on Neo for a few years:

Teams will be bigger, with more people pushed onto triple-A product to get it done. In about three years, when everyone has really caught up, maybe we’ll see some massive graphical improvements. But from what I see, no developer in the world is yet to get the best out of PS4.

A different developer source said that, as someone who does the technology for video games, they’d love it if somebody doubled the GPU and added 30% CPU every two years – or even every six months. “All I want is the most powerful hardware that I can get my hands on,” they added.

Another source said there hasn’t been much of an outcry for more power outside of developers making virtual reality games. But they know VR is the most exciting thing in the industry right now, “and if it’s here to stay then there will be a lot of demand for more powerful hardware.”

The PS4 Neo/PS4.5/PS4K is expected to be revealed and released this year.

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