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Sony Hopes PS4 Neo Can Keep Gamers From Going Back to High-End PCs

Andrew House was surprised by Microsoft’s Project Scorpio announcement timing.

Games on PS4 Neo Will Have a Higher Resolution & Enhanced Graphical Experience, Sony Says

“But everything else is going to be exactly as you’d expect.”

Dev Talks PS4 Neo, Says They Aren’t Sure If Teams Will Want to Deliver 4K Gaming

“From what I see, no developer in the world is yet to get the best out of PS4.”

The Clickbait Podcast Episode 16 – DICE Is Trolling, But They’re Not Wrong

We wouldn’t have this problem if we just got rid of the Internet.

Rocket League Studio on PS4K: No Different Than Having Another Console to Develop For

It’s more of a question of whether you can support another platform according to the studio.

Now Loading…Will There Be a PS5?

U R Not Red E.

Report: PS4 Games Played in Neo Mode on PS4.5 Must Run at 1080p or Higher

PS4.5 may allow 1080p gameplay streaming and recording.

Report: PS4.5 Codenamed NEO, Specs Reveal Improved CPU & GPU

Expect PS4 games in “NEO Mode” to offer higher frame-rates and improved visuals.