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The Clickbait Podcast Episode 16 – DICE Is Trolling, But They’re Not Wrong

May 7, 2016Written by Jeremy Bibaud

The Clickbait PlayStation LifeStyle Podcast Episode 16 - DICE is Trolling, But They're Not Wrong

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you must make a difficult choice – to troll, or not to troll? That is the question. Such is the case with a recent shot from members of DICE towards Infinity Ward’s beloved Call of Duty series.

We here at The Clickbait Podcast love us some drama, but do the remarks made cross the boundaries of professional rivalry and risk reinforcing the behavior that is a constant blemish on the industry?

This episode we talk professionalism, PlayStation Neo, and one of us decides the Internet is mostly a bad invention that deserves to be nixed from history. Let’s do this.

The Clickbait Podcast Episode 16 – DICE Is Trolling, But They’re Not Wrong

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