Homefront: The Revolution Update Coming Soon to Fix Checkpoint Frequency, Crashing & More

In a new post on the game’s forums, Homefront: The Revolution developer Dambuster Studios highlighted a number of issues they’re aware of as part of their goal to be “as transparent as possible.”

Earlier this week, update 1.03 was released on PS4 to fix a number of issues, including a black screen when starting the game, a constant loading state when trying to load a save game from section 4 onwards, crashes, and more. Unfortunately, 1.03 also revealed an underlying issue that removes map icons and stop Hearts & Minds progress:

The bug has affected a relatively small number of PlayStation 4 players but has prevented them from continuing to enjoy the game. We have been asking users affected to send us their save games so that we can analyse to see exactly what went wrong.

We have received a number of files and the team are very close to fixing the issue and preventing it from occurring on other platforms. We would like to thank everyone who submitted save files and gave valuable information to us, we are working hard to ensure that the fix will be in the next patch update.

One of the biggest performance complaints with Homefront happens during checkpoint saves when the game freezes for several seconds. Dambuster says, “We have reduced the frequency of these checkpoints and in the process have also removed some effectively duplicate checkpoints that happen in quick succession. We have also improved the player facing messaging when a checkpoint save is occurring.” Expect the first set of these improvements to be included in the next patch (hopefully within the next week), with more improvements coming in the future.

As for crashing on PS4, Dambuster has been able to “identify and generate fixes for 8 of the top 10 crashes reported” through the PlayStation Developer Network. These account for over 60% of all reported crashes on PS4 and the fixes should be implemented in the next patch.

“As a high priority, Dambuster are actively working on a series of performance improvements to increase the overall framerate of the game across all platforms,” they add, “these will be released in subsequent patches alongside further optimisation of the checkpoint save system, crash fixes and fixes for community raised issues.”

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