10 Games With Morality Systems That Let You Choose Good or Evil

Games with Morality Systems

Sucker Punch Entertainment’s inFamous released seven years ago last week, and one of its main draws was allowing players to choose between good and evil. Depending on which route players went, they got to experience different stories, and were granted different abilities. It added a ton of replayability to the game, and was a stellar concept back in 2009.

While it wasn’t the first game with a morality system, and they’ve only become more common as time has gone on, inFamous still sticks out as doing a great job with it. To celebrate the series’ recent anniversary, we’ve put together a list of 10 PlayStation games with morality systems. Hopefully this will help scratch that itch as we wait to see what Sucker Punch does next.

We hope you enjoyed our look at 10 PlayStation games with morality systems that let you choose between good and evil. The concept has been around for quite some time, and it’s great to see so many brilliant uses of it! While we only named 10, there’s other popular series that have toyed with these tough choices.

Let us know in the comments what video games with morality systems you’ve enjoyed in the past, and which one you feel like implemented them the best!

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