Cosmic Star Heroine Hits PS4 & PS Vita in Summer 2016 for $14.99, Watch the New Trailer

Re-confirming the summer 2016 release window for Cosmic Star Heroine, developer Zeboyd Games also brought out an E3 2016 trailer for their turn-based RPG today.

Here’s a list of the game’s features:

  • Good old-fashioned classic turn-based RPG!
  • Save anywhere! Minimal grinding (unless you want to)!
  • Brisk pacing that respects your time!
  • No separate battle screen! Battles take place directly in the dungeons & areas that you explore!
  • 2D visual style straight from the height of gaming’s 16-bit era!
  • Animated cutscenes reminiscent of the Sega CD & Turbo Duo era!
  • Soundtrack by Hyperduck (Dust: An Elysian Tail, Precipice of Darkness 4) inspired by the genre greats!
  • Multi-character combo techniques!
  • Intricately designed encounters make each new battle its own challenge!
  • Your own spy headquarters! Recruit new agents to help it grow!

Cosmic Star Heroine will cost $14.99 when it launches on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita through the PlayStation Store, complete with cross-buy. There will also be a $25 physical version for both platforms available through Limited Run Games, with further details TBA.

[Source: PS Blog, Kickstarter]