New Version of Fallout 4 Far Harbor on PS4 Runs at 30fps, Analysis Shows

Released earlier today, the new version of Fallout 4’s Far Harbor expansion on PlayStation 4 makes significant improvements, with a Digital Foundry analysis showing improvements of 10 frames-per-second right off the bat.

Calling it a “remarkable turnaround,” Digital Foundry shows in the above video that, in places where the original version ran at 20fps, you can expect the new version to run at 30fps. Frame-rate drops in the previous Far Harbor appeared to come from the fog, and this new one seems to scale it back:

As far as we can see, the volumetric fog effect is still in play, but in several scenes the effect is now dialed back on PS4, notably across the ground. But the updated DLC runs much better by comparison – just a clear 30fps line for the duration of this test. At some points, in fact, you can see performance has quite literally doubled over the 15fps we got before.

You will still find some minor frame-rate dips, usually during combat, “but that’s a nitpick. This is a huge leap over what we had before. And the game is just so much smoother to play now.”

At the end of the video, Digital Foundry compares the PS4 version against Xbox One, giving PS4 the frame-rate nod, but adding that there appears to be more fog on Xbox.

[Source: Digital Foundry]