PSA: The Tomorrow Children Beta is Underway

Looking for something to play this weekend? An open beta for Q-Games’ The Tomorrow Children is underway as of yesterday and runs until Monday, June 6. 

US and EU players will be rewarded 1,100 Freeman Dollars upon completion of the tutorial and initially entering a town. Following this, they’ll get the reward once every day upon logging in.

Over on its Facebook page, the developer noted the follow known issues:

1 ) Using the “Cooperate” action to assist another player with mining (using a Pickaxe), logging (using a Chainsaw), or digging (using a shovel) will cause a network error if you begin the action with a tool in hand. To avoid this, please only use the “Cooperate” action without any tools in hand!

2) If the Ministry of Labor (the building that dispenses Ration Coupons), People’s Workbench (the item crafting desk), or various shops are damaged while two or more people are lined up to use them, an error will occur for those players and the game will shut down. PLEASE be careful not to damage your towns, and repair damaged buildings quickly!

You can download the game from the US store here, and from the EU store here.

Are any of our readers partaking in the beta?

[Source: Q-Games (Facebook)]