Rocket League Update Adds Trade-In System and New Rare Items Later This Month

Extra rare items and an all-new trade-in system will be introduced to Rocket League later this month.   

Not to be confused with the “painted” and “certified” items that are arriving on July 18, those rarities will fall into two separate camps — Rare and Very Rare — and can only be obtained via online matches. 

They now join the Uncommon items of Rocket League, and it’s understood players will be able to exchange five of the former for one Rare item once the new trade-in system is live. 

Elsewhere, Psyonix also noted that it plans to introduce player-to-player trading further down the line, and the studio cautioned that Rocket League fans ought to think twice before trading in items, lest they become more valuable once that player-to-player system debuts. Instead, the mechanic is designed so that users can clear out duplicates from their inventory.

No further details were disclosed at the time of writing and at least for now, there’s no word of an exact release date.


Lastly, since its launch last year, Rocket League now boasts over 16 million players, with Psyonix welcoming “another great milestone” for the über-popular racer. 

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