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E3 2016 -The Elder Scrolls Online Getting New DLC Titled “One Tamriel,” Dark Brotherhood Gets New Trailer


In a post on its official site, Game Director Matt Firor listed the new features of One Tamriel. You can check out his message and the features below.

First and foremost, I announced that we have had “seven million players since launch.” I know that many of you will have questions as to how we arrived at that number. Here’s the breakdown: since we commercially launched at the end of March 2014, we have had seven million people acquire the game, create accounts and play. Please note that this number does NOT include beta players (who played the game before we launched) and it also does not include players from our free trial (Xbox-only, in December of 2015). It all boils down to one thing: a LOT of people have purchased and played the game during the last two years, and we are grateful for each and every one.

In celebration of the past, present, and future of ESO, please enjoy some of our favorite moments in this “A Look Back at ESO” trailer.

With One Tamriel, we are opening up the entire playable world to everyone, no matter their level. This is a pretty big deal. One Tamriel makes the game much more grouping and social-friendly, as the player base will no longer be divided into thirds and also won’t be divided by player level. The reasons we are doing this are simple: we want to make it easier for ESO players to group together, and to promote the sense of freedom to explore that Elder Scrolls games are known for. In other words, we’re bringing the same auto-leveling system (called “battle leveling”) that has been so successful in our DLCs to the entire game.

Here are the basics:

  • Characters will have their level scaled the same way that we currently scale players to the level of DLC zones (Imperial City, Orsinium, Thieves Guild, and Dark Brotherhood).

  • You will be able to explore the entire world in any sequence you wish – just walk across the world and you will always find appropriately leveled content.

  • You will be able to play and group with anyone in the game at any time (outside of PvP). No longer will you have to create a lower level character to play with a friend who has just joined the game. You will be able to group and adventure together from the moment your friend emerges from the tutorial.

  • We are dropping all PvE Alliance restrictions. You will be free to explore of all Tamriel, including other Alliances. It is up to you how you want to role-play your character while doing this. “Silver” and “gold” versions of zones will be replaced by Cadwell quest storylines that you can do in any order you wish.

  • Alliance restrictions will still be enforced in all PvP areas, of course. One Tamriel will not affect the PvP systems in Cyrodiil.

  • In general, higher level players will be the same “level” as lower level players, but they will have far more tools in their arsenal: better gear, more abilities, and of course more Champion points.

  • We will adjust gear rewards to scale appropriately to make sure that there is always a way to get more powerful via crafting, questing, PvP, and dungeon/trial boss loot drops.

  • All Trials and Dungeons will continue with standard and Veteran difficulty modes, and you will have to be Veteran level to play veteran dungeon modes.

  • The Coldharbour zone will be “roped off” from players who have not yet completed the quests that lead there. However, if you are invited to a group that is already there, or travel to a friend who is there, you can immediately access the zone.

Original Story:

At Bethesda’s E3 2016 press conference, the company announced new content for its MMO The Elder Scrolls Online titled “One Tamriel.”

According to Bethesda, all characters will be auto leveled to the content in the world, and will be able to explore the new content’s world with no level restrictions. Once the tutorial is finished, the player can explore the entire world. It’s set to hit this fall, but no specific release date or price was given.

Also revealed during the event was a new trailer for another The Elder Scrolls Online DLC called “Dark Brotherhood.” Set to hit this week (it’s already out for PC) for the PS4 and Xbox One, the expansion will invite players to join the infamous assassin’s guild to become the deadliest killer with a new and exclusive passive skill-line.

Dark Brotherhood will be out this June 14, and will feature a new storyline where players must defend the Brotherhood against a new foe, and is said to provide hours of content and new assassination quests. Check out the new trailer above.