Titanfall 2 Release Date and Gameplay Info Leaked, Watch Gameplay Now

Update: Above you’ll find the 1080p 60fps version of the gameplay trailer, now officially released by EA. 

Well, here we go again! Leaks are happening before the official announcements have taken place and this time, it’s for Titanfall 2!

Courtesy of a rehearsal presentation by EA that got leaked — which you can watch above before it gets taken down by EA — we now know that October 28 is the Titanfall 2 release date. Not only that, but it confirms that there’s a single-player campaign, the game will have six titans, and that there’s going to be a beta before its release!

In the video above, it’s mentioned that Titanfall 2 will have:

This includes six new titans, each with their own unique combat abilities, expanded pilot gameplay, more customization options, and a deeper progression system. And of course the super smooth gameplay that will once again drive the shooter genre forward.
Based on what PlayStation LifeStyle has heard so far, we can confirm that we’ve heard the same October 28 Titanfall 2 release date mentioned before. While it’s a Friday, we’ve heard that this is a “global” release date. Additionally, grappling hooks will be in the game as well. You can check out screenshots in the gallery below.
We’re set to get some hands-on time with Titanfall 2 at EA Play, so check back soon for EA’s E3 press conference where all these info will be made official, as well as for our hands-on impressions soon.