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E3 2016 – Phil Spencer Unconcerned About Sony’s First-Party Output

Reflecting on E3 Day One, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has weighed in with his thoughts on both Microsoft and Sony’s keynote presentations — including how they stacked up against one another. 

Word comes by way of, posting an insightful interview with Spencer about all things Project Scorpio, Xbox One S, and more. 

Talk inevitably turned toward the competition and after heaping praise on Microsoft’s own lineup for 2016 and beyond, Spencer rubbished talk that “other consoles are doing a better job.”

“When I watch the other platforms, it’s not always clear to me when the games are shipping or how many of them are shipping this year. I mean these are a pretty diverse set of games from a great set of developers. And to say that the other consoles are doing a better job shipping more games for their customer… I don’t see that.”

Later in the interview, the Xbox head honcho once again showered praise on Uncharted 4, before expressing confidence in Xbox’s software lineup. 

“I see what the other first-party is doing – Uncharted was an amazing game. I think Naughty Dog did a great job. I’m sure Last Guardian, when it ships this year, will be great, but I just look at the lineup and the quantity and the quality that our team’s been shipping and I feel really good about that.”

What do our readers think of Spencer’s comments? 

[Source: via VG247]