The Technomancer Gameplay Blasts Off to Mars

One week out from release, Focus Home Interactive and developer Spiders Studio have unleashed a new, six-minute gameplay snippet for The Technomancer

Pitched as a sci-fi RPG, The Technomancer whisks players off to the Red Planet, where they lock horns with an assembly of alien creatures and human beings gone rogue. 

All of that and more is showcased in today’s all-new clip — aptly titled “Survive on Mars” — and you can clock eyes on Spiders’ sci-fi title in action up above. 

With its terraforming aborted hundreds of years ago, and a murderous sun to boot, the Red Planet isn’t exactly a hospitable place, and every nook and cranny of the forsaken planet holds deadly, lurking threats. Just like these hybrid creatures roaming the canyons of Mars, originally bioengineered by the first settlers from the genetic makeup of animals found on Earth. But the other human survivors can be just as dangerous. Ever since Mars got isolated from Earth, multiple factions have risen, desperate and determined to secure whatever power they may get hold of. You will be able to befriend these factions depending on your actions and your choices throughout the story.

The Technomancer has been penciled in for release on June 28 across PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

[Source: Gematsu