Bungie Doing “Similar Things” to The Taken King’s Spark of Light for Destiny: Rise of Iron

If you only managed to jump in to Bungie’s Destiny around the time The Taken King expansion was released (you lucky dog!), you might have remembered Bungie giving you a one-time use consumable known as the “Spark of Light” that instantly leveled your character to 25, and unlocked The Taken King story missions.

For Destiny: Rise of Iron, expect Bungie to do the same as to not alienate new players who might be jumping into the Destiny universe for the first time. This was confirmed by Rise of Iron Executive Producer Scott Taylor in an interview with PlayStation LifeStyle.

PSLS: With Rise of Iron, you do need to own Destiny, Expansion 1, Expansion 2, Taken King…

Scott Taylor: Correct.

PSLS: How will it be for new players? How are you approaching it for a player that looks at Rise of Iron, they think it’s cool, they want to get into Destiny, and they’re brand new to the game?

Scott Taylor: With Taken King, we had the Spark — the character boost — so we’re going to be doing similar things like that to make sure that if you see this and you’re like “I want that axe!” that you can get into the game and play it. We think it’s a really great time for new players to come in and see all of Destiny. There’s a lot of content. We actually think that the storyline and the new space are sweet, and the aesthetic of the place — it’s going to be a great jumping on place for new fans.

Make sure to keep an eye out for our full interview with Bungie where we talk extensively about Destiny: Rise of Iron set to go up soon.