Sublevel Zero Redux Announced for PS4 & Xbox One

Released in October 2015 for PC, Sublevel Zero is coming to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q4 2016 through retail and digital stores as Sublevel Zero Redux, Sigtrap Games and publisher Merge Games announced today.

A first-person, rogue0like, six-degree-of-freedom shooter, Sublevel Zero Redux will have new content and features over the original. Sigtrap Games didn’t explain what they’d be, saying on Steam, “This version, called Sublevel Zero Redux, will be slightly different to the PC version to make it more suitable for consoles.”

Merge Games is handling “the bulk of the work on the console version.”

Luke Keighran, Co-Owner and Managing Director at Merge Games, said, “I’m super excited to be working with SIGTRAP Games, another top quality team right on our door step. Already a great game on PC, the addition of great new features and extra content will make Sublevel Zero Redux a must-buy title for console owners.”

Here’s the game’s description:

Sublevel Zero Redux sees you taking control of a lone gunship on a mission to loot and craft ancient technology. Descend into a vast underground facility, fighting through procedurally generated zero gravity environments to recover the technology you and your clan need to survive. Battle enemy fighters and surface emplacements that strive to halt your progress. The emphasis is on survival and ammunition is scarce so every shot and every decision counts.

Sigtrap Games also assured PC owners that they aren’t leaving them behind. “The vast majority of work we’re doing on Sublevel Zero is aimed at both the PC and console versions,” the developer said. “This includes tweaks, optimisations and new features.”

[Source: Steam; Trailer is from the PC version’s launch last year]