Zero Time Dilemma Pre-Order Watches Delayed By a Few Weeks Due to Transit Damage

Aksys Games has announced that those who pre-ordered Zero Time Dilemma Limited Edition will not be receiving their bonus watches upon release because they have been damaged in transit. As a result, they were sent back to the factory and will be delayed by a few weeks. You’ll still receive the game on time and to make it up to players, Aksys will give out another bonus that it has yet to announce.

If you missed out on the Limited Edition, you might be still be able to grab a watch as the developer plans to make them available at retail, preferably worldwide. “The preorder just vanished, we weren’t expecting it to go THAT fast,” said the publisher’s marketing manager on Twitter.

With that out of the way, Spike Chunsoft has released a game overview trailer, which you can check out above. However, it seems that some people have managed to get their hands on the game already and are posting spoilers online. Aksys is upset about that and has requested users and reviewers to not ruin something that they’ve worked really hard to keep a surprise.

We’ve worked EXTREMELY hard to keep the story under wraps. If you’re a reviewer and spoiling, we’ll know. No tolerance for pre-release leaks.

Zero Time Dilemma is out on June 28 for the PlayStation Vita, 3DS and PC. Stay tuned for our (spoiler-free) review, which will be published soon.

[Source: Aksys GamesDaniel Miscevich (Twitter)]