Battleborn Free DLC in July Should Include Pendles, Broadcaster Mode, New Maps & More

Saying they’re “hard at work developing the Season Pass content,” Gearbox offered up an updated roadmap for Battleborn DLC, which includes both free and paid content.

With the goal to release or announce new content every other starting in July, Gearbox adds that “we’ll be as transparent about that as we can be, but there’s always a chance that some content may get pushed out a little later than anticipated.”

Looking at the free content in July, it should include new hero Pendles, three new PvP maps (one for each mode), and Broadcaster Mode (allows you to spectate the battlefield using third-person cameras). The major update in July is also expected to include in-game reporting (for players who are trying to ruin the fun for everyone), as well as adjustments to lore requirements and tracking.

Other upcoming free content includes three more heroes (to be revealed in late summer through the fall), a new PvP mode this fall, and another new PvP mode in late fall or winter. Gearbox will also continue to improve matchmaking, balance heroes, and release weekly hot fixes.

As for paid DLC, you can expect five DLC packs, each with a playable Story Operation and unlockable skins and taunts, along with early access to the five post-launch heroes with the use of a hero key.

Here’s when the paid content is scheduled to release:

  • Alani early access with hero key started May 24, 2016
  • Pendles early access with hero key in mid-Summer
  • Each DLC Story Operation release includes new, unlockable skins and taunts
  • DLC 1 Story Operation “Attikus and the Thrall Rebellion” coming late Summer
  • Heroes 28 – 30 early access, each with a hero key, coming mid-Summer through the Fall
  • DLC 2 Story Operation around late Summer
  • DLC 3 Story Operation coming early Fall
  • DLC 4 Story Operation coming late Fall
  • DLC 5 Story Operation coming this Winter

That first DLC Story Operation later this summer “features Attikus and his twisted recount of the thrall rebellion he led to overthrow his Jennerit oppressors.” Each DLC Story Episode features one of Battleborn’s heroes and becomes increasingly more difficult each time you play through it.

As for the in-game marketplace, Gearbox is looking to reveal more premium skins (purchased with real-world money) over the coming months, and they’re also exploring ways you can boost your XP and credit through micro-transactions.

If you have any feedback on Battleborn, Gearbox says it’s invaluable to them.

What do you think of Battleborns future?

[Source: Battleborn]