Energy Hook Heads to PS4 on July 5

From Jamie Fristrom, the Technical Director on the Spider-Man 2 game, Energy Hook is coming to PlayStation 4 on July 5 in North America and Europe.

Wanting to revisit swinging gameplay as an indie developer, Fristrom created Energy Hook, which sees you earning style points by swinging from a grapple beam, running on walls, jumping and boosting with your jetpack, and doing flips and poses in midair.

Like early Tony Hawk games, Fristrom says there’s no story in Energy Hook and it’s all about the gameplay, which revolves around Energy Hook, the extreme sport of the future. You’ll also find race challenges where you swing through the levels as quickly as possible, doing tricks to earn boost.

“The levels are done by different artists so each has its own flavour,” Fristrom adds. “There’s a cyberpunk city; a level of rocks and islands floating in the clouds; Tron-like challenge levels; and levels where if you miss your swing you’ll fall to your doom. (And respawn immediately, of course.)”

Energy Hook was announced for PlayStation Vita back in early 2014, but no update was given today on the Vita version.

[Source: PS Blog]