Multiplayer FPS LEAP Lets PS5 and PS4 Players Ride into Battle on a Rubber Ring

Blue Isle Studios is bringing their fast-paced multiplayer FPS LEAP to PS5 and PS4. Up to 60 players become LEAP mercenaries as they choose an exosuit and jump into a battle that blends first person shooting with aerial combat. The latter features a variety of weird and wonderful vehicles, including motorised rubber rings.

How wacky does LEAP get?

Players get a choice of four different mercenary exosuit classes, each with its own weapons, abilities, and balance of power, agility and defense. With orbital strikes, automated turrets, and guided cruise missiles just some of the abilities on offer, they have the power to turn the tide of the battle. Players also get jetpacks, grappling hooks and a personal vehicle to travel across the large-scale Thunder Valley map quickly, whether it’s by hoverboard, rubber ring, or mechanical moose.

Two sides are vying for the attention of the mercenaries – the United Earth Defense Coalition and the Exo-Terrans – but it’s the one that pays the most that will get their attention. Even more cash can be earned through killer contract bonuses, while there are plenty of other rewards on offer. Mercenaries can be customised with helmet emojis and different skins for exosuits, vehicles and weapons.

While Blue Isle Studios has only announced the game for PC, PlayStation has revealed it will also be coming to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 through a teaser trailer. There is no release window yet, although the game will be entering closed beta on PC next week. Take a look:

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