Furi Launch Trailer Gets You Ready for the All-Boss Action Available Today on PS4 & PC

With Furi out today for PlayStation 4 and PC, developer The Game Bakers has released the launch trailer, giving you a look at the bosses and gameplay featured in the all-boss combat-action game.

Priced at $24.99/€24.99 and taking up 3.4GB, Furi is free to download for PlayStation Plus members until Tuesday, August 2.

Furi is all about the tension of one-on-one fights against deadly adversaries,” the description reads. “Built to be ultra-intense and ultra-responsive, Furi offers players a unique mix of fast-paced sword fighting, dual-stick shooting, charged power shots and well-timed counter attacks.”

The Game Bakers’ Emeric Thoa adds:

Furi has been inspired by Japanese games such as No More Heroes, Metal Gear Solid and Godhand, and is the result of my desire to capture the combined moment of fright, passion and adrenaline you feel when in a fight. Furi is a skill-based game. The diversity of opponents and attack patterns is there to make the player refine his or her skills and get better and better, instead of increasing the character’s stats or his weapons. Ultimately, feeling your skills improve, as a player, is what feels best in a video game.

A dynamic Furi theme is also available through the PlayStation Store for $3.49/€3.49. You can grab the soundtrack over here.

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