July 2016 PS+ Title Furi Includes a Platinum Trophy

Releasing tomorrow on PlayStation 4 and PC for $24.99, with PlayStation Plus members able to download it for free as part of the July 2016 Instant Game Collection, Furi from The Game Bakers includes a Platinum Trophy.

As Exophase reveals, there are 34 Trophies in all, and defeating each boss will get you a Bronze. The full list of Trophies features some spoilers, so we’ve only placed a few highlights below:

  • It Gives Me Hope (Gold) – Get a S rank in Furi difficulty (story mode)
  • That Was Intense (Gold) – Get a S rank in Furier difficulty (story mode)
  • Give It a Real Try (Silver) – Rise from a K.O. 20 times
  • Neon Swagger (Silver) – Keep the armor glowing at maximum level for one full phase
  • Untouchable (Silver) – Defeat a guardian without taking any hits
  • Faster than M (Silver) – Beat Furi’s designer’s best speedrun time: 2:12:42
  • Faster than B (Silver) – Beat Furi’s combat designer’s best speedrun time: 1:29:56
  • Speedrunner (Bronze) – Defeat a guardian within 5 minutes

An all-boss combat-action game, here’s what to expect from Furi:

Furi is fast-paced, and requires great timing, reflexes and judgment. With immediately responsive controls, players must attack and counter, finding the right strategy for each boss they confront. Each of the formidable “guardians” has a distinct, surprising combat style requiring gamers’ absolute focus, skill, and split-second timing to defeat them.

Furi is currently sitting at an 80 on Metacritic, and an 86 on OpenCritic.

[Source: Exophase]