Miyazaki Still Isn’t Thinking About Dark Souls or Bloodborne Sequels

Earlier this year, From Software President Hidetaka Miyazaki announced that they’re working on new IP, and they have no plans for any sequels, spin-offs, or tie-ins to any of their existing franchises.

In a new interview with GameSpot, Miyazaki reiterated that he doesn’t have any plans for new Dark Souls or Bloodborne games, but he could return to them before he retires:

[Dark Souls 3] marks a major “turning point” within the Dark Souls series. Just as it’s been announced, we have two DLCs planned, but as it stands now, I’m not thinking about making any sequels or spin-offs. That applies to Bloodborne as well.

I keep referring to the series as a ‘turning point,’ and I’m avoiding use of the word ‘finish,’ since saying it would completely ‘finish’ the series.

If someone says they want to make a Dark Souls game using the latest in technology, and if it is sufficiently attractive, then it wouldn’t be fair for me to just finish the series.

To add, I can’t deny the fact that, maybe down the line, I want to go back to the series and make one more game before I retire. I don’t want to be branded a liar if that happens [laughs].

The first piece of DLC is scheduled for release this fall, and Miyazaki revealed that they’re currently crunching on it:

My involvement in it is no different from my involvement in the actual game. I’m working with the co-directors, and letting them handle what they can handle, while I supervise the title as director. Right now, we’re in crunch with the first DLC. I’m confident it will bring a different side of Dark Souls III to our players in a special way.

Miyazaki also looked back on Dark Souls 3’s development, saying he thinks there was room for improvements with the map design. While he believes they’re well-suited for exploration considering how much bigger they are this time, he also feels “that the way the maps connected to each other was a bit weak, narrowing the level of freedom in relation to the order in which players could face the game.”

Asked if he’s worried From Software’s upcoming games might not have the same impact as the Souls series, Miyazaki replied, “[…] the new titles I’m working on now makes me feel excited instead of bringing me worries. Mind you, I’m basically an optimist [laughs].”

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