FuturLab - Velocity 2X

Next FuturLab Project Will Be PlayStation VR

At the Develop: Brighton conference going on right now, Velocity 2X developer FuturLab mentioned during a “Developing for VR” panel that they are currently working on a PlayStation VR title.

During this panel, the participants were asked which VR platform to design for. The other panelists said the best choice is about the experience you want to created, but FuturLab had quite the definitive response:

We’ve built a long and fruitful relationship with Sony, so it was a natural and clear path to begin working with PlayStation VR.

The developer also dropped the following mysterious tweet about a future VR project.

Putting these two statements together, FuturLab’s first VR title will be PlayStation VR, they’re next project is a PSVR game, and they’re “ridiculously excited” about it.

FuturLab is known for its PlayStation 4 and Vita games, Surge Deluxe and Velocity 2X. Before you speculate that this PSVR game is a reimagining of one of these titles, the studio’s website already mentions that they’re working on a new IP.

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