Square Enix Talks the Final Fantasy XV Box Art, Says the Shadowy Figures Are “Extremely Important”

After a leak last week, Square Enix officially revealed the completed Final Fantasy XV box art for North America today (above), as well as the reversible cover art in North America (below).


Discussing the box art on the Square Enix Blog, Square Enix America’s Mat Kishimoto revealed that it “started as a first time ever project where the package artwork was being created from scratch outside of the development team.” After Artist Yusaku Nakaaki, Art Director Yusuke Naora, Game Director Hajime Tabata, Kingsglaive Director Takeshi Nozue, and others got their eyes on it and made some suggestions though, “it ended up even more amazing.”


Kishimoto added that those shadowy figures in the background (click the above image for a closer look) are extremely important to both the game and movie:

One bit of information that hasn’t been revealed quite yet… the figures in the background. While I don’t want to spoil who or what they are, just know that they are extremely important to both KINGSGLAIVE: FINAL FANTASY XV and FINAL FANTASY XV. It’s much more fun for you guys to find out for yourselves vs. me spoiling anything!

As for Europe, the box art itself is the same as North America. Also, while Square Enix tweeted earlier today that the reversible cover would be white in Europe, they’ve since deleted that tweet and now say, “Reversible cover will be black in NA/EU.”

Final Fantasy XV will be available on September 30.

[Source: Square Enix]