ADR1FT Is Roughly Four Hours Long, Developer Likens it to Firewatch & Gone Home

Ahead of ADR1FT’s release tomorrow on PlayStation 4 for $19.99, Creative Director Adam Orth said an average playthrough is four hours, but it can be shorter or longer depending on the amount of exploring you do. You can also expect multiple endings in Adrift, with your actions affecting the outcome.

Described as a “non-violent, narrative-driven FPX (first-person experience) where the focus is exploration, environment, narrative, and light game mechanics,” developer Three One Zero likes to think of Adrift as “an experience and a meditation revolving around the fantasy of an astronaut in peril.” While many people compare it to Gravity, Orth says it’s closer to 2001: A Space Odyssey and Moon in terms of experience and tone.

Comparing it to other games, Orth thinks you’ll appreciate and love Adrift if you enjoy games like Firewatch, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, Gone Home, Dear Esther and Proteus.

Telling the story of Commander Alex Oshima, who wakes up floating amongst the debris of the destroyed Northstar IV space station with no memory of who she is, Adrift tasks you with staying alive and getting home safely as your badly damaged EVA suit slowly leaks oxygen. To do this, you’ll explore what’s left of the Northstar IV in zero gravity, search for oxygen resources, repair your suit, and re-activate the station’s four core system mainframes to launch the escape craft.

Since there’s no traditional game story structure, it’s up to you to discover what happened through audio logs, audio terminals, email terminals, Mission Control communications, satellite news broadcasts, and HAN-IV ADMINISTRA (Northstar IV Computer Assistant).

Along with the single-player campaign, Adrift includes these other gameplay modes:

  • EVA Training: An unlimited training environment where players can master the use of their undamaged EVA suit.
  • EVA FREE: Completing each of the 4 game environments unlocks an unlimited oxygen version of each environment where players can explore stress-free, take and share screenshots and stream their gameplay sessions (Note: Trophies can’t be earned in EVA FREE).

There are no plans for a physical release of Adrift, and Orth didn’t say anything about PlayStation VR compatibility today.

As Exophase reveals, there’s no Platinum Trophy in Adrift.

[Source: PS Blog]