ADR1FT Isn’t Planned for PlayStation VR Right Now

Now available for PlayStation 4, ADR1FT from developer Three One Zero isn’t planned for PlayStation VR right now.

This news comes from publisher 505 Games, who told VideoGamer, “There are no plans to bring ADR1FT to PSVR at this time.”

ADR1FT was thought to be coming to PlayStation VR after Three One Zero said in February that “we are working on bringing ADR1FT to other VR platforms,” in addition to Oculus Rift. Back in May, ADR1FT was released for HTC Vive.

PlayStation Access also said in their PlayStation Store highlights video this week that “ADR1FT will be available on PSVR later in the year,” but it appears that isn’t the case.

When someone brought up the PlayStation Access video, the official ADR1FT Twitter account re-iterated 505 Games’ statement:

A 1.7GB download, you can pick up ADR1FT from the PlayStation Store for $19.99/£15.99. For more details on the immersive First Person Experience (FPX), check out the FAQ posted yesterday.

[Source: VideoGamer, PlayStation Access]