Until You Fall PSVR2 Port Out Now, Isn't a Free Upgrade

Until You Fall PSVR2 Port Out Now, Isn’t a Free Upgrade

Until You Fall, one of PlayStation VR’s highest-rated titles, was announced in an unorthodox way for PlayStation VR2. Developer Schell Games said it would be coming out in June and has now announced that the Until You Fall PSVR2 port is out right now.

Is there an Until You Fall PSVR2 free upgrade?

Until You Fall is on the PlayStation Store for $24.99 and does not have a free upgrade. Schell Games noted on its Discord page that it is “an updated version of the game and will need to be purchased separately.” There’s not even a cheaper path for those who already have the roguelite melee game; it’s $24.99 or bust.

It was unlikely to be a free upgrade since it was one of the games included in the November 2021 PlayStation Plus lineup. PSVR games that were given away for free or part of PlayStation Plus have tended to not have free upgrades in the past, as evidenced by The Walking Dead: Saints and Sinners, Rez Infinite, and Thumper.

Schell Games explained that the Until You Fall PSVR2 port will have three two-handed weapons, enhanced visuals, and localization and subtitle options for nine languages. However, it didn’t offer more concrete details for any of those features.