New Dark Souls 3 Update Fixes Floating Issue

July 20, 2016Written by Jason Dunning


Released yesterday for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC, Dark Souls 3 update 1.06 is a small patch that only fixes this one issue, according to Bandai Namco EMEA Community Manager Kimmundi:

  • It will correct an issue allowing players to float in the air by using the miracle Denial.

When asked if the new update would be accompanied by a regulation patch, Kimmundi replied, “This was deemed to be fixed quickly, but rest assured that other issues are not ignored!”

In addition to bug fixes, From Software is currently working on the post-launch DLC for Dark Souls 3. “Right now, we’re in crunch with the first DLC,” From Software President Hidetaka Miyazaki said earlier this month. “I’m confident it will bring a different side of Dark Souls 3 to our players in a special way.”

Did you notice any other changes with the update?

[Source: Reddit via VG247]