Epic Games Has Handed Out 27,000 Temp Bans in Paragon This Month, Update v.29 Coming Next Week

Epic Games has offered an update on its MOBA, Paragon, revealing that it has handed out 27,000 temporary bans this month to those who ruined the experience for others. In a detailed State of the Game post, the developer noted that AFK (Away From Keyboard) players have been the most harmful, and with the PlayStation 4 players joining in on the cross-platform action, Epic says it has been working diligently to penalize bad actors. 

As our population has grown, and knowing PS+ was coming, we spent time on improving tools for penalizing players who harm the experience for others. One of most harmful is the AFK player, who ruins the experience for nine other players.

Since PS+ started we have sent out:

26k one-day ban

1k three-day bans

Penalties are enforced with escalating severity, so that offending players have a chance to learn about the rules and understand what to expect. We are committed to improving the play experience for our dedicated players.

In addition to the above, the developer announced update v.29 that is scheduled to go live next week, which will include changes to Casters, Rangers, and Fighters. Epic has explained each of the the changes and the context behind them in great detail so make sure to follow the source link below for more. 

[Source: Epic Games]