Cannon Brawl Hits PS4 on August 2, Xbox One on August 5

Released back in 2014 for PC by Turtle Sandbox, Cannon Brawl is coming to PlayStation 4 on August 2 in North America and August 3 in Europe, and Xbox One on August 5.

Priced at $9.99/€9.99, the console version of Cannon Brawl is developed by BlitWorks (Super Meat Boy, Spelunky ports) and now includes full HD graphics.

A 2D artillery game with the pacing of a real-time strategy title, Cannon Brawl sees you piloting an airship, capturing gold mines, and building things like cannons, lasers, and giant flamethrowers to destroy your enemy’s battlefield. There’s also 10+ unlockable airships, more than 15 weapons and defenses, a campaign mode with 20 missions, and a multiplayer mode that supports local and online play.

BlitWorks Founder Jorge Cabezas says:

The game is all about defending your castle and attacking your opponent’s one. You have a wide array of weapons to choose from and you place them on the territory while piloting an airship. All this happens in real-time, so the battle is intense, and every match evolves in a surprisingly different way.

There’s a campaign mode where you can learn the basic rules, but where the game really shines is when playing against your friends, either online or – perhaps even better – in the comfort and warm atmosphere of your couch.

Some key details:

  • Single player: You can play across five unique worlds unlocking five different characters and more than 15 weapons in the Campaign mode
  • Local and online multiplayer: Use all the weapons you gathered in amazing 1v1 battles
  • Destroyable terrain: With lasers, giant flamethrowers and huge cannons you’ll get to destroy the earth under your enemy’s feet!
  • Totally new genre: Original blend of 2D Artillery and RTS

In addition to full HD graphics, Cabezas says Cannon Brawl will run “butter-smooth” on PS4.

[Source: PS Blog]