PS1 Classic Trophy Lists for PS4 and PS5 Hit PSN Ahead of PS Plus Premium Release Date

Sony is slowly rolling out the PS1 Classics for PS4 and PS5 in the PSN backend ahead of the launch of PS Plus Premium in Asia on May 24. Ape Escape, Hot Shots Golf, Intelligent Qube, Syphon Filter, and Wild Arms trophy lists have appeared, putting them among the PS1 titles receiving enhancements for their release on the service.

PS1 Classic trophy lists for PS4 and PS5 so far

PS Plus Premium Games

The full trophy lists for the following PS1 titles have been added to PSN so far (via Exophase):

  • Ape Escape
  • Hot Shots Golf
  • I.Q.: Intelligent Qube
  • Syphon Filter
  • Wild Arms

It’s possible (and probable) that more PS1, PS2, and PSP titles will be available at launch, especially given the promise that PS Plus Premium members will get “up to 340 additional games.” However, it doesn’t seem like every retro title is getting trophy support. Some will likely be more barebones than others. It remains to be seen what enhancements will be universal.

Here are the trophies we know of so far:

Ape Escape PS4 and PS5 Trophy List

  • Do the Hula!: Obtain the Super Hoop. – Gold
  • Established Catcher: Capture 50 Monkeys. – Silver
  • For Those Hard to Reach Places: Obtain the RC Car. – Gold
  • Frosty Monkey: Play the Ski Kidz Racing mini game. – Gold
  • Get Wet!: Obtain the Water Net. – Silver
  • Hands Up!: Obtain the Slingback Shooter. – Gold
  • Money Bags: Collect 40 Specter Coins. – Gold
  • Moving On Up!: Collect 20 Specter Coins. – Silver
  • No Ape Can Escape!: Collect all other Ape Escape Trophies. – Platinum
  • Penny Pincher: Collect your First Specter Coin. – Bronze
  • Pro Catcher: Capture 100 Monkeys. – Gold
  • Put Em Up!: Obtain the Magic Punch. – Gold
  • Rookie Catcher: Capture your First Monkey. – Bronze
  • Space Monkey: Play the Galaxy Monkey mini game. – Gold
  • Take to the Skies!: Obtain the Sky Flyer. – Gold
  • Warrior Monkey: Play the Specter Boxing mini game. – Gold
  • Who Are You Looking For?: Obtain the Monkey Radar. – Silver

Hot Shots Gold PS4 and PS5 Trophy List

  • A Country Club in the Desert?: Unlock Vegas Desert Country Club. – Gold
  • A Little Surf, a Lotta Golf!: Unlock Hawaiian Resort. – Gold
  • Always Eagles Ralf: Unlock Ralf by beating Ralf. – Silver
  • Can We Go Hiking After This?: Unlock Fujiyama Country Club. – Gold
  • Daryl the Dapper: Unlock Daryl by beating Daryl. – Gold
  • Holey Smokes!: Get a hole in one on a regular course. – Gold
  • Hopefully It Wasn’t a Bald Eagle: Get an eagle. – Silver
  • I Thought Albatross Were Only in the Ocean: Get an albatross. – Silver
  • Is He Cold, or What?: Unlock Iceman by beating Iceman. – Gold
  • Nothing Can Stop Me: Get a hole in one in the mini golf game. – Gold
  • Pro Tip! Use Your Driver for All of the Par 5s: Unlock Susan by beating Susan. – Silver
  • Pro Tip! Use Your Putter to Chip Onto the Green: Unlock Raul by beating Raul. – Gold
  • Pro-Golfer Extraordinaire: Unlock all trophies in Hot Shots Golf. – Platinum
  • Spinmeister Yuki: Unlock Yuki by beating Yuki. – Silver
  • United We Play Golf, Divided We Play Frisbee Golf: Unlock United Country. – Gold
  • Was It a Crow or a Raven?: Get a birdie. – Silver
  • Way to go Golfer! The More the Merrier: Unlock (Sam/Sasuke) by beating (Sam/Sasuke). – Silver
  • Wow! Another One for Brunch!: Unlock Buzz by beating Buzz. – Silver

I.Q.: Intelligent Qube PS4 and PS5 Trophy List

  • 8 Great Apes: Get a perfect on Stage 8. – Gold
  • Danger: Red Alert: Clear Stage 8. – Silver
  • Final Countdown: Get a perfect on the final Stage. – Gold
  • Final Stage Cleared… Finally!: Clear the final Stage. – Gold
  • Go: On Green: Clear Stage 2. – Bronze
  • Great Success: Unlock all trophies in I.Q.: Intelligent Qube. – Platinum
  • Grey Matter Engaged: Clear Stage 1. – Bronze
  • Isn’t This Music a Bit “Too Epic” for This Game?: Get a perfect on Stage 3. – Gold
  • It’s My Lucky Day: Get a perfect on Stage 7. – Gold
  • Orange You Excited You Finished That Level?: Clear Stage 6. – Bronze
  • Pentamerous Perfection: Get a perfect on Stage 5. – Gold
  • Perfecto-Mundo!: Get a perfect on Stage 1. – Gold
  • Six Shots Straight: Get a perfect on Stage 6. – Gold
  • The Great White Way: Clear Stage 3. – Bronze
  • Tougher Than Granite: Clear Stage 7. – Silver
  • Werewolves Aren’t a Fan!: Clear Stage 5. – Bronze
  • You Are True Blue: Clear Stage 4. – Bronze
  • You Have Perfect Pitch!: Get a perfect on Stage 4. – Gold
  • You Sure Don’t Dilly-Dally: Get a perfect on Stage 2. – Gold

Syphon Filter PS4 and PS5 Trophy List

  • Aaaannd… Gotcha!: Drop a chandelier on an enemy. – Gold
  • An Explosive Start: Survive the subway explosion. – Silver
  • Droppin’ Choppers: Destroy the KI-33 attack helicopter. – Silver
  • Eliminate Rhoemer: Eliminate Rhoemer. – Gold
  • Excellent work, Agent!: Unlock all other Syphon Filter trophies. – Platinum
  • Heartless!: Eliminate poor, defenseless Erikson. How cruel. – Gold
  • Hey Man, Nice Shot: Get 20 headshots using the 9mm silencer. – Gold
  • Hold Your Nose: Shatter a test tube containing toxic gas. – Gold
  • Moar Guns Plz: Find the armory in the base bunker. – Gold
  • No Way In!: Descend into the silo access tunnel. – Gold
  • No Way Out!: Escape the catacombs with Lian. – Silver
  • No Way!: Complete all missions. – Gold
  • Rescue Phagan: Rescue Phagan from Aramov. – Silver
  • Run, Logan, Run!: Escape the base without killing any guards. – Gold
  • What Does This One Do?: Eliminate enemies using all 12 bullet-firing weapons at least once (doesn’t include taser or explosives). – Silver
  • Window of Opportunity: Shatter 30 glass windows. – Gold

Wild Arms PS4 and PS5 Trophy List

  • All Hope Is Not Lost: Acquire the Hope Rune. – Silver
  • Angol Moa Is No More-a: Defeat Angol Moa. – Bronze
  • Arch, Smash!!: Find the Arch Smash ARM. – Silver
  • ARM Completed: Fully upgrade an ARM. – Gold
  • Bing Bong Travel Along to Malduke: Travel to Malduke. – Bronze
  • Boomerang Flash Is in the Trash: Defeat Boomerang Flash. – Bronze
  • Cecilia 50, Bad Guys 0.: Strike a killing blow with Cecilia’s melee attack 50 times. – Silver
  • Dead/Alive?: Revive Elmina in the Illusion Temple. – Silver
  • Earth Golem Awakens: Awaken the Earth Golem. – Bronze
  • Force Master Cecilia.: Learn all of Cecilia’s Force Abilities. – Gold
  • Go Go ARM Activated: Upgrade an ARM. – Bronze
  • Hayokonton Gone, Gone: Defeat a Hayokonton. – Bronze
  • I Wouldn’t Eat That: Earn a mushroom from a chicken in Surf Village. – Silver
  • Mighty Rudy: Learn all of Rudy’s Force Abilities. – Gold
  • Mother Reborn Activated: Witness the rebirth of Mother. – Bronze
  • Mystic Mastery: Use Mystic to unleash the potential of 10 unique items. – Silver
  • Olly, Olly Golem Free: Free all the Golems from their demonic influence.
  • Power Jack: Learn all of Jack’s Force Abilities. – Gold
  • Prologue Master or Pre-Cog?: Complete each of the three protagonists’ prologue chapters. – Bronze
  • Quick Draw: Learn the Trump Card Fast Draw. – Silver
  • Ragu Has Been Sauced: Defeat Ragu Ragula. – Bronze
  • Rune Collector: Acquire a Rune. – Bronze
  • Savior of Filgaia: Save the land of Filgaia. – Bronze
  • Spell Renamer… Namer…: Rename a spell. Be appropriate! – Silver
  • Spellbinder Master. Well One Advanced Spell Bound: Bind an advanced spell. – Bronze
  • Spellbinder… No Big Whoop It’s Just a Basic Spell: Bind a basic spell. – Bronze
  • Spells – Thou Hast Got the Knack: Bind 40 spells. – Bronze
  • That’s Not a Bird. Oh Wait It Is… and It’s Angry at Me.: Cause the Surf Village Memory Bird to enact retribution upon you. – Silver
  • The Shattering of the Darkness Tear: Shatter the Darkness Tear. – Bronze
  • Ultimate WILD ARMS Player: ARM yourself with all WILD ARMS trophies! – Platinum
  • Warning: Quarter Knights’ Leader Approaches: Meet the Quarter Knights’ leader. – Bronze
  • Was This the Stairway to Heaven?: Reach the top of the Heaven Corridor. – Silver
  • Where Did I Learn That?: Use the mysterious Dark Sweep Fast Draw. – Silver
  • Where Is Your Toolshed?: Acquire all tools. – Silver
  • Would You Like Some Sugar With That Victory?: Emerge victorious in the Ancient Arena. – Bronze
  • You’re Quite the Um, Borrower: Steal 20 items using Trickster. – Silver
  • Zed’s Dead, Man: Defeat Monster Zed. – Bronze
  • Zeikfried Showdown Survival: Survive the showdown with Zeikfried. – Bronze

In other news, Spider-Man could have been an Xbox-exclusive, and MGS4 actually wasn’t a PS3 exclusive.