Legaia 2 Rated for PS4 by PEGI

PEGI, the Pan European Game Information ratings board, has posted a rating for Legaia 2, suggesting that the PlayStation 2 RPG will be one of the next PS2 games on PS4.

Here’s the full description for Legaia 2: Duel Saga, according to PlayStation.com:

A magical crystal that supplies infinite water to the small village of Nohl is stolen by force, causing a solar eclipse that drowns the land in an evil light, making monsters more abundant and powerful and placing the village’s survival at stake. Now Lang, a rookie member of the Nohl militia, must fight his way across uncharted lands to recover the crystal and restore peace to the land.

  • Utilize special attack combos with the Tactical Arts System – a unique battle system never before seen in the RPG genre.
  • Call on elemental forces to battle enemies, heal injured friends, and destroy barriers.
  • Combine weapons and items to create new and more powerful weapons, tools, and items.
  • Add hours of gameplay with multiple side-missions and mini games including darts, slot machines, and roulette.

Other recent ratings by PEGI include Volgarr the Viking for PS4 and PS Vita, SpeedRunners for PS4, Zheros for PS4, HoPiKo for PS4, and Armikrog for PS4. Expect more news on each of these titles when official details arrive.

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